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Entre Nous 2 - French Colloquialisms (CD/Book)
techlighthouse's wicked image transmogrifier
MSRP: $38.95
$ 29.95
ISBN#: 1-62392-214-3
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Increase Your Fluency with Entre Nous!
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Entre Nous Level 2 Welcome to Entre Nous, the first language program to teach you French as the French speak it, including colloquialisms, idiomatic expressions, and even slang! Entre Nous is easy to follow and fun to do. Volume 2 of this introductory and intermediate level program furthers your listening comprehension skills. Relax, and just as though you were listening to your favorite melody, let the rhythm and words take you to France. As you listen, you will gradually tune your ear to imitate the voices you hear. By spending just a few minutes a day, you can increase your understanding and fluency. As you become confident in your ability to speak and understand the language, each French-speaking person you meet will help you learn more. In no time at all you'll be speaking like a native!

Developed by Colette Crosnier, a native Parisian teacher of French

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40 minutes of audio, 35 dialogs
41-page text
Polite expressions
Meeting again
A small mishap
At the restaurant
In a bank
At the gas station
A walk in Paris
At the shoe store
At the hotel lobby
A picnic
At the train station
In a taxi
Two tourists
At the movies
At the theater
At customs
At the restaurant
At the store
At the hairdresser's
Post office
Wine cellar
English translations of dialogs
ISBN: 1-62392-214-3
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