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Egyptian Arabic (MP3/PDF)
techlighthouse's wicked image transmogrifier
  New Release  
MSRP: $49.95
$ 39.95  
   82 MB   
ISBN#: 1-62392-173-2
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Learn to Speak Egyptian Arabic!
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Spoken Egyptian Arabic is designed to bridge the gap between highly technical Arabic grammars meant for the specialized student of Arabic and simple phrasebooks of basic sentences. This self-study course for beginners emphasizes the spoken language as it is used in everyday situations, and is based on the author's experience in teaching business people and foreign students of varied backgrounds in Cairo and the USA.

The entire text is in transliteration without any introduction of Arabic script, so you can focus on proficiency with a new and intricate phonetic system. Once you master this stage of learning, a transition to the actual Arabic script with more advanced courses will be much faster and easier.

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9.4 hours of audio, 13 units
250-page text
Pronunciation through transliteration system
Greetings and expressions
Describing people, places, and things
Expressing ownership and relationships
Locating things and places
Numbers, time and date
Food and dining
Expressing facts
Habits and progressive actions
Giving orders
Countries and nationalities
ISBN: 1-62392-173-2
System Requirements for Windows
• Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP • 233 MHz or faster processor • 128 MB RAM • Adobe® Reader® • Speakers
System Requirements for Macintosh
• Mac® OS X® 10.5–10.10 • Intel® processor • 512 MB RAM • Adobe® Reader® • Speakers
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