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French for Business (Book Only)
techlighthouse's wicked image transmogrifier
  New Release  
MSRP: $45.95
$ 34.95
ISBN#: 0-88432-546-6

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Get fluent in Business French!
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Designed for self-study, Concise Spanish Grammar uses the proven Audio-Forum® audio/text method to help you learn Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar easily and quickly. An extensive glossary is included for handy reference. Not only will you speak fluently, you'll also master reading, writing, and grammar skills at a scholarly level — all with the confidence and polish of a native Spanish speaker. There's also an audio list of "indispensables" — useful words or expressions that will help you remain conversationally active when you can't recall the right phrases.

Simple Steps to an Accurate Spanish Accent! The pronunciation guide helps you identify sounds in Spanish that can be difficult for English speakers and practice saying these sounds. Plus, there are practice sentences recorded in English and Spanish. By listening to and repeating the sentences, you'll reinforce your vocabulary while improving your accent.

This program is based on the author's experience of teaching business French to American business executives and students.
It's a low-intermediate level, and assumes at least 1 semester prior experience with French.
However, since the focus is on specialized business idioms with many expressions one doesn't use in everyday conversation, the program will also be of practical benefit to advanced learners.
The exercises are designed to help you acquire language patterns and practice in manipulating phrases.
Several native speakers on the recordings guide the practice.
The grammar review at the end of the book provides brief explanations of major grammar terms, such as conjugations, tenses, etc.
136-p. text.
PLEASE NOTE: This book was originally designed to be offered with the CD Audio Course Version (or MP3 Course if available).
ISBN: 0-88432-546-6
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